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Edible Print Imaging System

Personalized Desserts

Chocolate Truffles with Edible Chocolate Image

At Chocolatease we will work with you to create amazing personalized sweets.

With our Edible Print Imaging System we can print high-resolution photographs, logos or any graphic on our cakes, cookies or chocolate.

Perfect for corporate events, holiday gifts or birthday parties.

Work with us to design your custom confectionary pieces.

See below for some of our more popular edible imaging ideas.

How it Works

1. Get creative. The first thing you need to do is come up with an idea. We've got lots of good ideas if you need some help.

2. Contact us to design your personalized treats.

3. Provide us with a high resolution photograph or work with us to find an image that suits your needs. Each page can accomodate a 7" x 11" image.

4. With our Edible Print Imaging System we will print your photograph, logo or any image on our cakes, cupcakes, cookies or selected chocolates.

Some of Our Specialties

Curious George Cake

Princess Cake

Have your photos or graphics printed on a wide variety or our cakes, cookies and white chocolate. Below are some of our favourites for printing.

Customized of course, with your photograph or logo

Shortbread Cookies
Rich, buttery and delicate tasting. Their versatility is perfect for edible images.

Strawberry Shortcake
The perfect light tasting dessert. Alternating layers of fresh strawberries and cake surrounded by fresh whipped cream.

Classic Layer Cake
These classic cakes are ideal for birthdays and special occasions for all ages. Choose a cake flavour and buttercream to create your perfect combination.



Had Something Else In Mind?

We, at Chocolatease, take customized printing orders. Do not hesitate to contact us and inquire!